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Update: earthbound-themes refactor

If you’re one of the 8K+ people using my earthbound-themes syntax set, you may have noticed that it recently underwent a massive rewriting and now looks (hopefully) a lot better. This comes as the result of a refactoring effort to rewrite the entire project into a more maintainable and generic state.

Previously, all themes had hardcoded values – cringe – and when I finished the project, while I was happy with the result, I had no interest in ever revisiting the project. After release, however, I noticed that the theme set was actually received fairly well. Then about a month ago, I wanted to update a theme and remembered why I never revisted it; updating a single theme across multiple editors was a fairly lengthy process.

So I rewrote all of the theme files to use a single template file for their respective editor, which is then used to generate all of the different themes from a single build script (written in Lua, because I’ve never used that language for a project before and wanted an excuse to learn it). Now creating and generating new themes is extremely simple, and hopefully in the future I can keep building on the theme set and continue making additions and improvements.

That’s all. You may now resume programming with my beautiful color themes and evangelizing the greatest game ever made (kidding, kind of).

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